7 Fun and Interesting Facts about Lobsters

Interesting Lobster FactsLobsters are a favorite and a luxury for many diners. It is the crustacean of decadence, and a classic for special occasions. The only thing most of us know about these delicious creatures of the sea is what they’re like when boiled or grilled to perfection, how they go perfectly with Champagne, and that they taste great dipped in butter.


In addition to these better-known facts, there are many interesting and fun tidbits about lobsters worth sharing. The next time you sit down to a fancy meal and crack one open, you can feel just a bit more knowledgeable about the meal you’re enjoying, and you might even feel like sharing the information with those sitting across the table.


1. If in a difficult situation, when very hungry, lobsters will not hesitate to eat each other. That’s right, if times become tough, and there is only another lobster available for dinner, they will eat it, and without remorse.


2. Female lobsters outdo their human counterparts by being able to carry and release thousands of eggs at a time.


3. Lobsters explore the world by smell through antennae, their sense of taste is in their feet, and they hear with their legs.


4. Lobsters actually come in many colors, but they only turn red once cooked.


5. Before lobsters became the choice of seafood for the well-to-do, these “lovely” crustaceans were once “lowly” crustaceans, used to feed prisoners and household servants. Lobsters were so undesirable that the law limited the amount of lobsters that could be fed to any prisoner or servant in a certain period.


6. Out of the tens of thousands of eggs that are laid by lobsters, only about 10 will survive to maturity.


7. For crustaceans, lobsters can have a long life of about 6-7 years, just to get to a size where they can become edible. If not captured to be eaten, they have been said to live almost 100 years.


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