Several Ways to Prepare Shrimp Cocktail

One great thing about the holiday season is the great food that comes along with it. Many people prepare shrimp cocktail during the holiday season as a special appetizer for guests. Shrimp Cocktail RecipesThere are a variety of ways to prepare this dish from different sauces to different displays. It can be served in a formal or a casual setting which makes it a great appetizer for any holiday event that you’re hosting.

Bloody Mary Shrimp Cocktail

This particular recipe for shrimp cocktail has an “adult sauce” that resembles the classic Bloody Mary beverage. It is extremely simple to prepare and requires very few ingredients. You’ll need shrimp, extra virgin olive oi, lemon seafood rub, vodka sauce, lemons, horseradish, and hot sauce. The sauce itself can even be made a day in advance so you’ll have less work to do the day of the party. Adults will enjoy the classic spin on this famous mixed drink.  Click here for the full recipe.

Holiday Shrimp Cocktail on Ice

If you are hosting a winter-themed party, this is a festive and fun way to serve shrimp cocktail. Using some kind of large tray that has a slight edge around the rim, fill the tray with plenty of ice. You should also fill the tray about half-way with cold water. Slice fresh lemons and place them on top of the ice, placing the shrimp over the lemons to keep the shrimp chilled. Use a winter or holiday themed tray to drive home the theme of your event. You can also place small figurines, such as snowmen or reindeer on the tray, as a small and spirited touch. Click here for the full recipe.

Holiday Shrimp Wreath with Cocktail Dip

Preparing a holiday shrimp wreath that can serve as an elegant appetizer for any holiday party. Purchase a Styrofoam wreath base from a craft store and wrap the wreath in green or clear plastic wrap. You will then cover the wrapped wreath in lettuce leaves, making a wreath shaped serving tray for your shrimp. You will place your shrimp around the wreath so it appears as if it is hanging off. You can set the wreath on a large tray so it doesn’t fall off or collapse. Place your cocktail sauce at the center of the wreath for a beautifully displayed appetizer that will impress. Click here for the full recipe.

These three shrimp cocktail recipes will please any crowd of people in any style setting. An important part of creating any great shrimp dish is purchasing great shrimp to go along with it. This holiday season, get your shrimp from Cape Porpoise Lobster Co.

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