The Coolest New Kitchen Gadgets of 2016

the coolest kitchen gadgets of 2016For individuals who love to cook and bake, there are few things more exciting than new kitchen gadgets, and last month’s Consumer Electronics Show unveiled a few products we can’t wait to test out ourselves!

There are so many incredible new machines out there to help make cooking your next dinner easier, whether you are making creamy lobster bisque in the winter or shrimp on the grill in the summer.

GoSun Grill

Compact in size and able to cook dinner for up to eight people, the GoSun Grill is the perfect summer companion. Whether you are interested in making dinner in your backyard or on the beach, this unique new product can bake, boil or fry your meal using just the power of the sun.

We love the idea of grilling summer favorites like shrimp shish kabobs and salmon inside this gadget while watching your kids play in the pool or enjoying cocktails on the patio with your neighbors.

Set to release this upcoming summer, the GoSun Grill costs $599.00 and is available for pre-order online.

Smarter Device Trio

A price-conscious alternative to the expensive smart ovens and refrigerators that are making their debut this year, Smarter’s device trio upgrades the kitchen appliances you already own, allowing them to work in sync with your smart phone.

Fridge Cam

First on the list is the Fridge Cam, which will take a picture of the inside of your refrigerator every time you open the door and send it to an app on your phone. This way, the next time you want to stop at the grocery store on the way home from work you will know exactly what you need to restock.

Smart Mat

The Smart Mat performs similarly inside of cupboards. Placed under your most used items, the mat can tell how much you have left and will send an alert to your phone to let you know. This way, the next time your kids use up all the peanut butter making PB&J sandwiches, you will be able to pick up some more – even if they forget to let you know.


The third gadget in this trio is the Detect. Equipped with a microphone, this little device learns the sounds of your home, letting you know things like when the oven timer goes off and the dryer stops. Even if you have to run out to the backyard with Fido, dinner won’t burn!

Set to range in price from $80 to $100, these devices are accessible through Wi-Fi and are expected up launch by August of this year.

NutriBullet RX

Not only can the NutriBullet RX create delicious and healthy smoothies, but it can also blend and heat soup in just seven minutes. A quick way to make a healthy meal, just blend up your ingredients and flip the cup to start drinking or eating.

A great idea for an on the go meal, we love the idea of blending up a creamy vegetable soup, then adding in some fresh cooked Maine lobster for a satisfying and easy meal that you and your family can enjoy after a busy day at work and school.

With these and many other interesting new kitchen gadgets to try, this year is sure to be a fun one to get in the kitchen and make something new! If you are interested in cooking up a seafood dinner with ingredients fresh from Maine, Cape Porpoise Lobster Co. can have our fresh seafood at your door overnight! Place your order online or by phone at 1-800-967-4268.

Written by Cape Porpoise Lobster Co.

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Kay M

I could not live without my food processor. I use it every day since I cook all my meals from scratch.

Donald Almendarez

This looks so delicious! We can’t buy this in the stores in Texas, at least not this fresh!

Aria H.

I could not live without a microwave! A colander is a small gadget that I also cannot live without.

Leona Johnson

I would love to try one of those Go Sun Grills, that is amazing! that would for sure be my go to kitchen appliance!! But of my own I love my mini chopper!

Susan Craig

We have a weird plastic strainer someone gave us in a gift basket years ago, We use it all the time.

Kathleen C

What cool gadgets. The kitchen gadget I could not live without is my plastic cutting mats.

Charlene Drake

These kitchen gadgets are pretty cool, but just give me a good knife and cutting board and I’m happy.

Jean Sagarese

our lemon squeezer since it doesn’t take much pressure to get out the max amount of juice

Mimi W

I couldn’t live without my cast iron skillets. I’d love to try the new 2016 products from this article. Thanks for the cool story!

adrienne z

I have many items I cannot live without – my wooden spatula, my metal scraper, my teapot, and my heat diffuser.


I love my coffee maker, and my mixer!! I am also a huge fan of my favorite cast iron skillet, old school, but so necessary!!?

patricia caradonna

I can’t live without the Smart Mat. My mom is always running out of items and doesn’t tell me to the last possible minute on my way home from the store.

shannon fowler

I have a weird obsession with our veggie spiralizer. when we first got it I never thought it would become the gadget I can’t live without, but it is.


I couldn’t live without my micro-plainer. I use it for grating nutmeg, citrus zest, chocolate, garlic, ginger, hard cheese. So many uses and easy cleanup.


I couldn’t live w/out my coffee pot (if that’s considered a “gadget”)……I’d have a “fit” w/out it!!

Lisa Grassetti

I need my can opener 🙂 Toaster, coffee pot, microwave so many items I can’t live without.

Pam Flynn

I could not live without my high temperature spatula! I use it for everything!

Gracie Kahl

I could not live without my food scale! I will never go back to measuring cups.

Brenda Riley

I can’t do without my favorite knife, which isn’t exactly a gadget!


Those gadgets are pretty cool, but I could not live without my larger cast iron pan…..going old school

Jeannette Harkin

A whisk is essential for me….that fridge cam you mention is the coolest! Can let me know when I’m outta my Lobster!

Darlene Wright

I couldn’t make it without my kitchen scissors! I’m constantly using them!


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